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The debug memory allocation or dmalloc library has been designed as a drop in replacement for the system's malloc, realloc, calloc, free and other memory management routines while providing powerful debugging facilities configurable at runtime. These facilities include such things as memory-leak tracking, fence-post write detection, file/line number reporting, and general logging of statistics.

The library is reasonably portable having been run successfully on at least the following operating systems: AIX, BSD/OS, DG/UX, Free/Net/OpenBSD, GNU/Hurd, HPUX, Irix, Linux, MS-DOG, NeXT, OSF, SCO, Solaris, SunOS, Ultrix, Unixware, Windoze, and even Unicos on a Cray T3E. It also provides support for the debugging of threaded programs.

The package includes the library, configuration scripts, debug utility application, test program, and documentation.

If you are having problems, the author can be reached via his home page with questions or feedback. Please include the version number of the library that you are using, your machine and operating system types, and the value of the DMALLOC_OPTIONS environment variable.

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