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Dmalloc Tutorial: 5.2 General Compatibility Concerns
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5.2 General Compatibility Concerns

  • Realloc() backwards compatibility with being able to realloc from the last freed block is not supported. The author is interested to know who is using this (cough, cough) feature and for what reason.
  • Realloc() of a NULL pointer is supported in which case the library will just make a call to malloc(). This can be disabled with the help of the ALLOW_REALLOC_NULL manual compilation option in the `settings.h' file to adjust the library's default behavior.
  • Some systems allow free(0) to not be an error for some reason. Since 0 is not a valid address returned by the malloc call, it is debatable that this should be allowed. See `settings.h' for the ALLOW_FREE_NULL manual compilation option to adjust the library's default behavior.
  • Aside from possibly being slower than the system's memory allocation functions, the library should be fully compatible with the standard memory routines. If this is not the case, please bring this to my attention.

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