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Dmalloc Tutorial: 5.3 Issues Important for Porting the Library
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5.3 Issues Important for Porting the Library

General portability issues center around:

  • sbrk or compatible function usages. The library does support a preallocated memory chunk heap. See the INTERNAL_MEMORY_SPACE define in the `settings.dist' file.
  • The locating of the caller's address from the dmalloc functions. This is useful in locating problems from dmalloc functions called from C files which did not include `dmalloc.h': C library calls for instance.

    See `return.h' for the available architecture/compiler combinations. You may want to examine the assembly code from gcc (GNUs superior c-compiler) version 2+ being run on the following code. It should give you a good start on building a hack for your box.

    static char * x;
            x = __builtin_return_address(0);

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