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Dmalloc Tutorial: 3.7 Using the Library with C++
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3.7 Using the Library with C++

For those people using the C++ language, the library tries to configure and build `libdmallocxx.a' library. This library should be linked into your C++ programs instead of `libdmalloc.a'.

Dmalloc is not as good with C++ as C because the dynamic memory routines in C++ are new() and delete() as opposed to malloc() and free(). Since new and delete are usually not used as functions but rather as x = new type, there is no easy way for dmalloc to pass in file and line information unfortunately. The `libdmallocxx.a' library provides the file `' which effectively redirects new to the more familiar malloc and delete to the more familiar free.

NOTE: The author is not a C++ hacker so feedback in the form of other hints and ideas for C++ users would be much appreciated.

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